A life journey until there is a cure!

So you find yourself suddenly having to test your blood to see what your blood sugar (BS) or blood glucose (BG) is. I can attest that this was a major change for me in my life and through the time I have had a myriad of emotions from that change. I have went at it like I do every challenge in my life; head-on. Early on in my diagnosis I found that even though the drugs the doctors proscribed helped, if I followed the meal plans they suggested, I just couldn’t keep my BG down consistently. So I started to research on the internet. I found out that carbohydrates were not my best friend even though my doctor wanted me to eat 45 grams every meal and a 30 gram snack. How could that be? How could my doctor purposely tell me something that would make my diabetes worse? And the truth is, years later, I don’t have an easy answer. I would like to think that most doctors are good people, and just following the herd in their diagnosis. I have heard dark rumblings that  the American Diabetes Assn. (ADA) are given substantial funds to endorse the carbs that major food manufacturers use to create many of the foods that are so bad for us. Also, that some doctors just treat the diabetes just enough to keep us going, but not enough to really keep our numbers down to not cause complications. This way, they get to “harvest” their crop (us) as complications occur. Let’s face it, a healthy patient does not go to the doctor. It would be counterproductive for them to help us enough that we no longer needed them. Especially, in the later throws of our disease when our eyesight goes, kidney damage occurs, and a host of other complications occur. A cash crop indeed. I refuse to believe that every single doctor is in on this.

Irregardless of  what the doctors reasoning is, I realized that I had to take my diabetes care in my own hands if I was to have a good chance at a decent chance at the next 2-3 decades of my life. I invite you to do the same!


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