Potato Starch Experiment – (REVISITED)


I never like to discard a concept until I have exhausted every possibility and this experiment is no different. The last daily entry I made was on 4/14/14 and my numbers were starting to creep back up, so I stopped this experiment and let things stir in my mind for a bit. My main areas of problems were:

1. This seemed to work for a while, but I wasn’t really losing any weight.

2. As I started reintroducing regular foods back into my diet my numbers started to go back up.

So where did the “experts” get the minimum calorie requirements they used. And were they correct? I knew that as we age, not only does our requirement for sleep reduce, but we also don’t need as many calories. I found a few very far-fetched articles:



If that was even partially true (not saying it was), what if we could find our balance point of calorie intake or (CBP) Caloric Balance Point) and reduce it slightly, we should be able to lose weight. And, being in ketosis, that would make the body use fat for fuel, and consequently start burning off body fat. I found this article and calculated mine and it was almost double what I normally have been consuming and still not losing any weight.


Which got me to thinking, diabetes is not only a pancreas issue. It is also a gastro-intestinal issue (this is why gastric by-pass is successful for some diabetics in putting their diabetes in remission). What if diabetics could not go by the regular chart? What if our disease caused us to not digest food like other people? We wouldn’t be successful because we were using the wrong scale. There is a condition called, gastroparesis, or delayed stomach emptying that many diabetics suffer from.


So, with that in mind i started researching ways to increase my metabolism. I had used Cayenne Pepper capsules before, but had stopped due to indigestion.


Which got me to thinking. If I could take something that would keep that from happening, maybe that would work for me. So, I experimented with taking my PS & DE solution with a Cayenne pepper capsule and it worked! No stomach irritation. Before I had only been able to take one capsule a day. Now, for a week I have 5-6 a day, each time I take the solution I include a capsule. I am only eating a very, very small amount of food early evening. I start my day with coffee and 1/4 a cup of heavy whipping cream. The rest of the time I drink the PS & DE solution with Cayenne cap and follow that with 1 oz of frozen coconut oil in a medallion.  Here is what my day consists of:


I will continue on what I’m doing as long as it continues working. I hope this will help other fellow diabetics. I will update as time goes by and I have time. At this point the information below is my information of where I started on this WOE. If this is your first visit here, I suggest you follow the below links, read the information I came up with, and make up your own mind of whether this will work for you! I sincerely hope it does!


Around the 20th of January, I came across this article:


Upon doing more research, I found these two articles that made me realize that intestinal health was more important than even the first article said.



Since I been having intestinal problems for years, the information it talked about made me realize that my diabetes could be the result of a progressive intestinal problem. Could it be reversed? I wasn’t sure. No one had published anything that said that it could. About a week after this I came across articles on potato starch and how people were using it as meal replacement and to reduce blood sugar levels.




I found Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch at Kroger and began to experiment on January 27th. At this point, let me caution anyone that is interested in trying the things that I am doing. You must be very careful and start out slowly. I started out slow, but now I am a week into it and I am taking 1 tablespoon 4 times a day and 2 tablespoons before bed. If nothing else, it is making me not as hungry. A week later I am now taking 2 tablespoons at a time 3 times a day and I am feeling more energy, am less hungry, and do not crave carbs like usual. I think this is giving me something in my guts I have been missing. I am excited by my results. I have noticed a little gas, but I feel as though things are happening in my guts; good things.

At about this time, I read in Dr. Bernstein’s book, “Diabetes Solution” about the receptors in the intestine that tell the body that it is full. I realized that my problem was I was overeating due to not having enough bulk, or fiber in my food. So, again back to the internet to research articles. I found two almost immediately.



I knew that many people were impacted with layers upon layers of undigested fecal matter coated with mucus that had hardened. Two things occurred to me immediately. How can the intestine absorb nutrition through all that gunk and wouldn’t that block the fullness receptors from knowing when you were actually full? And to add to that, here we are eating food that isn’t being utilized as fuel, and the body is still starving. What does it do? It signals you to eat more. From Dr. B’s book, I learned that a large majority of diabetics suffer from a large accumulation of fat around the middle. Could it be that all this tied together caused my diabetes? It seemed that was the case.

Let me digress a bit here and talk about the low carb/high fat way of eating, or LC/HF WOE. I had had good luck a year ago in dropping 100 lbs using this diet, but I noticed that after being on it for a while, my weight loss stalled, and I couldn’t stop myself from eating I got so hungry. In the later part of it, it seemed my body adapted to what I was doing and my blood glucose (BG) numbers started going back up no matter what I did.

Now, having the potato starch (PS) helping with the hunger issue, I began again to really go back to the LC/HF thing in earnest and found that the second article spoke of Psyllium Husk Powder or (PHP) as being the exact things those on a low carb diet could use to add fiber into their diet. A word of caution here. Prolonged or excessive use has caused issues with some people. I take a supplement called Flax Seed Oil, have for years, and that keeps things moving in the gut rather well. If I feel bloated from this concoction I am taking, I just up my flax seed and that aids with that.

20140214_140106 20140215_141023

So I cautiously added PHP to the PS I was taking and it really helped me to feel full. Here is an excerpt from a typical day, “I have been burning fat all day. I have not eaten any food since 8pm last night. I have had 2 cups of BP coffee and have taken 2 tablespoons of PS with cold water twice today. It is now after 6pm and I still am not hungry. This stuff really curbs my appetite. I’ll eat supper tonight, but not much interest in it. I may not. MY BG has stayed within about 10 points all day today. I was running about 122 when I checked a while ago. It is now 8pm, still no food, not even really hungry, just finished my 2 miles on the treadmill and checked my BG. It is 102!!”

As with anything, I cannot caution you enough to test, test, test if you try any of this. I wanted to address the intestinal build-up if possible. Again, more research. In the mucoid plaque build-up article I found out about something called,  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth or DE.


This stuff evidently was the scrubbing power I needed to try to dissolve years of mucoid plaque accumulation. Here is another post I made of how I prepare and take these supplements. “I started with a teaspoon in about 6 oz. of cold water. A shaker bottle or container works best. Drink it right down, don’t delay or it will thicken too much. After you drink it, drink at least twice that in water. You also may want to drink more as you do it, as it will pull moisture from your intestines. Make sure you check your BG several times (1 hour & 2 hours after). It does have carbs in it, but it doesn’t raise my BG one point. The currant version and dosages I am taking is 1 tablespoon of potato starch, 1 teaspoon of Psyllium Husk Powder, and 1 teaspoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. The PHP gives you a feeling of fullness and block carbs like the PS. The DE is used to scrub the intestines of mucoid plaque and partially digested, putrid food that is trapped. I might add that is why we don’t absorb the nutrition like when we were young. It cannot get through all the crud that had built up.”

I am going to publish this immediately as there are several inquires concerning using it. From my results today, I am convinced that something good is happening with my insulin resistance. This is an excerpt of today:

2/16/2014 – “OK, before I tell you about my day I want everyone to know that I don’t usually cheat, but sometimes I do. And when I do, there are always consequences, like high blood sugar. Since I have been taking my concoction of potato starch, psyillium husk powder, and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, I have been having lower numbers. Last night I ate crackers with 1 1/2 cups of retrograded potato soup and my level was 112 for fasting this morning. That is indeed good news. Today, I took my solution at 5am this morning, did some stuff and about 9 they called off church due to the weather. The wife and I decided to go to Waffle House for breakfast. At about 11AM I had a full order of biscuits and gravy and hash browns with ketchup. As you know, the food was delicious. I noticed that about half-way through the meal I started filling up. I went ahead and finished everything and we went home. I did not test my sugar when getting home, but my normal Sunday pattern is to take a afternoon nap. I slept until about 3:45 and was cringing when I tested my BG. I knew it would out the roof from what I had done. But is was only 100. I kid-you-not. 100! I couldn’t believe it. Only thing I can think of is that what I am doing is greatly helping me in reversing some of the damage. The only medicine I took this morning was my normal metformin 500mg. Don’t know what is happening, but I am not pushing it, and I am continuing what I’m doing. You know, there has been progress with a gastric surgery to reverse diabetes. I am wondering if I may have found a way to do so without the knife. Time will tell.”

An update: I ate a small salad with dressing 4 hours after the above, 2 oz. of ham, and 2 oz. of block swiss cheese. Checked my BG about 90 minutes later and it was 103. I will continue to append this as time and progress is made.

2/17/14 – A few additions! I have added a tablespoon of raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar to the additional water that I drink after taking the solution. This is supposed to aid in digestion. I also added two supplements for digestive enzymes. The Pancreatin has me really excited! It has actual pancreas enzymes.


I will report my progress as time goes by!

2/18/14 – I purposely did not take did not take any concoction yesterday from about 2pm and my morning BG readings were about 25 points above what it had been normally running. I am convinced that it is helping. Now to find out just what are the ideal doses are going to be. More later as things develop.

2/23/14 – I have since added Flax Seed Oil capsules to counteract a few of the issues of gas and a little indigestion. Seems to be helping a lot!

3/5/14 – I have been doing well and my blood sugars have been very good. Less than 100 the whole weekend, and that is unheard of for me. I have lost about 8 lbs so far. I noticed a real lack of energy today and realized that I had not taken my solution this morning. I had read that the DE would give me energy and I have to agree that it is critical to use the solution when you are lowering your caloric intake to lose weight and/or reduce your blood glucose readings.

3/12/14 – I started an intermittent fast on the evening of 3/10 and only consumed 505 liquid calories on 3/11. I am now in hour 30 of my intermittent fast or IF. All I took in yesterday was 12 oz. of BP coffee in the morning, then at 4 different times throughout the day I took in potato starch and diatomaceous earth (PS & DE) in a water solution. I have drank large amounts of water throughout, especially after the solution. I have not used the Psyllium Husk Powder due to it’s water absorption and bulking factor. My blood sugars have been fantastic since I started and seemed to have leveled off 12 hours ago. They are as follows: 84-87-89-83-89-78-78-76-76. I weighed in and I had lost 1 pound since Monday morning. Those two 76’s at the end are 12 hours apart. I am going to keep on today as long as I can. Physically, I felt good all day yesterday. Obviously a little hungry, but not famished by no means. Mentally, I found a clarity of mind and a much greater peacefulness than usual. Singing at a concert last night I noticed my voice was clearer and I was able to hit notes I haven’t hit for years. Which makes me think that I have suffered food allergies without even knowing it. Had a slight headache last night and again this morning. A couple of Aleve will take care of that. Will continue this later.

3/15/14 – Day 5 of the IF. If you had told me I could go this long without eating I would have said no way. I published my findings on several groups on Facebook yesterday and I was dismayed by how many of the people reacted. I was accused of spamming their board down to being a crackpot. One guy suggested that I take some food grade sulfuric acid! A few seemed genuinely interested and I do hope they do some follow-up research like I did. Several people ask how I take the PS/DE solution, so here it is again:

I started very slowly. Use very cold water. It will work better. One level teaspoon in 4-6 oz of water in a shaker bottle. Shake it up and drink it right down. See how you tolerate it. Try it a couple times over a 5-6 hour interval. I will tell you that you will have gas as the starch strengthens the good bacteria and starts to kill off the bad bacteria. It will smell pretty bad as that is happening. Once you have only good bacteria you will still have some gas, but it will be completely odorless. You should never try heating it up. That will change it from being the good kind of starch to the bad kind.

Here are my stats from yesterday: Checking in on the close of my fourth day of IF. My BG has been below 90 all day today! It has been 48 hours now since my last Metformin. I am very pleased that my numbers are staying low. I have approximately 56 more lbs. to lose and I have lost 117 lbs. to date. I firmly believe that by losing the majority of my fat I will fully reverse my diabetes. I may still be unable to eat a large carb load due to having no phase 1 insulin. That may change. Time will tell. I used less mixture of BP coffee and was able to drink it with no complaints from my stomach. It still took until 4pm to completely finish it. I was surprised when I checked my ketones right after exercise and I actually went down to moderate. I finally figured out that my exercise almost burned more fat than my body could release. Later the ketones returned to the normal purple. Looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow. Looking for 2 lbs. My calorie consumption today was 390 total calories. My blood sugars were 80 – 87 – 84 – 83 – 76 today.

And last but not least, I lost a whopping 3 lbs. yesterday!! That is awesome! I am going to continue this fast for at least a week if possible, maybe longer. I would suggest that you read up on this article I put together:


People have ask me what am I hoping to accomplish doing this. If you will read the anti-caveman woe article on why we get fat, it explains that many of us have stingy genes. We are very frugal in our utilization of nutrition. I never could understand how people around me could eat all they wanted and never gain a pound. Truth is, they don’t have the stingy gene. Now that I know about mine, I am using them to my advantage. I am simulating a famine period that I speak of in the article. I hope to lose much of the fat around my middle, reducing my insulin resistance which will lower my BG numbers, and give my pancreas a well deserved rest. Until next time!

3/15/14 Checking in on the close of day 5 of intermittent fast. My BG numbers have been super today (all below 85) and my energy level has been decent. I am finding that my stamina is slightly reduced, especially on things that require a quick burst of energy. This is showing true from the articles I have read about fat being the endurance fuel and carb being the sprint fuel. I feel it is a small price to pay for the extremely lowered BG and weight loss. I continue to test my ketones and am drinking plenty of water. At this point, burning so much fat, ketoacidosis is something to be extremely careful about. For some of you that don’t know what that is, it is a condition where not enough fluids are taken in and the ketones in the blood build up so high they become poison and harmful. This is a very rare condition and never happens as long as you are drinking enough water. I had a weak moment this afternoon when my grandson warmed up some chunky soup. The smell was almost overwhelming, but I hung tough. Went to grocery with the wife and was able to use the skull and crossbones visualization technique to cure my craving for all the wonderful carb laden foods I saw. Today is day 3 on no diabetic medicine at all. My BG numbers for the day are: 82 – 80 – 72 – 83 – 81. Sunday after church we may go out for lunch with other members and I have a plan to take a shaker of solution with me and water so that I can take that on the way to the restaurant and then just order black coffee. Until tomorrow! BTW: I fit into a pair of 38 pants today! Here is my food chart for today. Under 400 total calories for the day.


3/16/14 – Checking in on the close of day 6 of intermittent fast. Today was a good day. I cut my calories back to slightly over 300 total for the day. I did cardio and strength training and my stamina if anything, has increased. I plan on extending my period between the PS/DE mixture to 6 hours tomorrow. That will only have me taking 3 doses total. We’ll see how that goes. No headaches at all today. I need to keep just enough nutrition going so that my body burns body fat and does not start burning muscle, which it can do. Very pleased with my BG numbers today, especially since this is day 4 of no diabetic medicine at all. My numbers today were: 77 – 85 – 77 – 74 – 83 – 79. BP is normal for me for evening (always higher) 150/78/77. I remain in ketosis and am drinking plenty of fluids to avoid KTA. I had no weight loss today, but expect to report some for tomorrow. Until then…

3/17/14 – Minor setback today. Noticed this morning on my first BG test that I was a little higher than I had been. Four hours later a little higher still. Just tested a while ago and I was 97. Although that would normally be a very good number I know that is higher than it should be due to the IF that I am doing. So, I started back on my Metformin and I am sure my readings will drop accordingly. Since I have about 50 lbs left to lose (which is 20 % of my total weight) I am still encouraged that I may eventually be able to drop the Metformin. I also am going to eliminate my BP coffee tomorrow. Drink just black. This will substantially lower my caloric intake. We’ll see what it does to my numbers. Will check in later today on my next BG test in about 5 hours. The met dropped my numbers down 13 points in 4 hours, then after the evening workout it dropped another 6 points. So it looks like I am tethered to the meds for a while longer. I tried a beef bullion cube in a cup of hot water tonight (5 calories) and realized after I drank it that it was so laden with sodium it actually made my mouth sore in spots. I will be heading to the store to find a no sodium type tomorrow. My numbers I finished with tonight are 87-85-97-84-78-73.  Here is a before and after picture of that shows how much difference i look from the weight loss.


Until tomorrow………

3/18/14 – Had a very good day today. Made several changes that seemed to work well. I did not drink my BP coffee today. Instead I had black. I also only took my PS/DE solution 2 times today. I also purchased some sodium free chicken bouillon and took that twice today. Only 10 calories per tablespoon. It worked well n curbing the hunger pangs. I also did something that gave me energy when I was doing my 90 minute workout this evening. I had made 2 tablespoon coconut oil disks by freezing them and then keeping them in the fridge. I took one of the disks and let it slowly dissolve in my mouth. It was delicious and helped me to have some instant energy and helped the workout. I lost another pound today, bringing me down to 250. My immediate goal is to get down to 200. As I have said before, I am hoping that losing that last 50 pounds will decrease my insulin resistance enough to stop my diabetic medicine. We’ll see how it goes. I am going to continue to take it until I am down to 225, then try again. My BG numbers today were: 85 – 79 – 87 – 80 – 81. Looking forward to breaking into the 240’s tomorrow, if I can. Also going into blood work for an A1C. Last one I had was in July last year and that was 6.0. Interested to see just where this one is at. Until tomorrow….

3/19/14 – After 8 days on only liquids, I broke my fast and ate a can of Vienna Sausages with mayo. We’ll see how that settles in my stomach. 3 hours later I am feeling more energy. The food seems to be settling well. I am planning on eating another meal of 1/2 cup canned chicken and then back on the IF tomorrow. Alternating like this is what the IF fast is all about and will help to break weight loss stalls. I’ll check in before bed. The chicken settled well for supper. I took 2 doses of the PS and DE today. My numbers we very good. I also ask for and received Metformin ER from the doctor. It is an extended release version that lasts for 12 hours. We’ll see how it does. My A1C results will be back in a couple of days. Hoping for a below 6.0 reading, if possible. My BG readings today: 80 – 86 – 75 – 78 – 83. I will re-start the IF tomorrow. Until then….

3/20/14 – Not much to report today. Was able to take the PS/DE solution twice today and had good BG numbers. I got some sodium free beef bullion today that is pretty good. Going to transition to that instead of coffee. Wonder how it will taste with a little unsalted butter? Anyway, my numbers today were: 77-86-90-87-87-83. Until tomorrow…..

3/21/14 – The cup of hot water with 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 1 tablespoon of sodium free beef bullion as delicious this morning. I drank about 8 oz. of black coffee to stave off withdrawal and really savored the beef broth beverage. Took about 3 hours to drink it all. I use a very good aluminum sealed coffee cup that I can shake up without spilling any. I kept the butter and the broth frothed together, which made it very tasty and satisfying. Was able to get a little rest this afternoon and then did the major day workout. I alternate days of light workout to heavy workout. I took the PS & DE twice today. The second time this afternoon I had a little indigestion and it stopped it cold as soon as I drank the solution. Another benefit. I am also taking at least 10 Flaxseed Oil Capsules to aid in digestion. My numbers today were: 84 – 85 -86. Very stable. Looks like the Metformin ER is working well. Until tomorrow….

3/22/14  – We made a wonderful diabetic friendly snack that is just delicious. Here is the link:


Had a pretty much normal day. Got the bikes down and tuned up ready to start riding. Can’t hardly wait! I have started adding some carbs back into my diet to replenish muscles and my numbers were slightly higher. Still very good though. I am starting my countdown to my VA appointment. 63 days left as of today. I need to kick up the weight loss and exercise. My numbers today were: 85 – 88 – 82 – 75 – 92. I was able to drink the PS/DE solution twice today. Until tomorrow….

4/2/14 – Haven’t been on for a while. Had to solve an issue with constipation. Even though I was drinking a bunch of water, it was not lubricating my intestines enough and causing a great deal of pain. I had used Flaxseed Oil capsules and that had helped for a while,but eventually I was stuck for a while. I have come up with a solution that will now work and am starting a new intermittent fast tomorrow. I have made a bag of coconut oil medallions that I have been experimenting with every 1-2 hours. They each have 1 oz. of coconut oil and a half a pecan. I plan on taking the PS and DE solution, then popping a coconut medallion every hour for 4-5 hours, then another batch of solution. We’ll see how quickly I can transition again this time. It was quite pleasant 4-5 days into it last time. The healthy fat was substantial brain food and I felt calmer with a clarity of conscience that must be experienced firsthand to be understood. I will try to make daily entries as I go.

4/3/14 – Had a great day first thing this morning. Excellent blood sugar (86). Was able to exercise 2 miles on the treadmill this morning. I took the solution twice today and ate 4-5 of the coconut medallions. They are working exactly like they should. I had some weakness late this afternoon. I had 3 pieces of KFC chicken that really kicked my blood sugar up into the 200’s. Should have at least taken the skin off. I ot back on the treadmill and did another 2 miles and my sugar just before bed has dropped to 76! Taking the solution and a medallion before bed. Will try to go completely no carb tomorrow. Until then…..

4/4/14 – My wake-up blood sugar was 103. Not bad considering what I ate yesterday. I was able to take the solution and coconut medallions 4 times today. My late afternoon sugar was 86. Had a great deal of energy today. Was able to o 30 minutes on the eliptical and 2 miles on the treadmill. Tired, going to bed. Tomorrow another day! The coconut oil is working wonders with the PS and DE.

7/27/14 – I had not realized that it has been so long since I had checked in! It has been almost 3 months since my last entry. I have been taking my morning solution of Potato Starch and Diatomaceous Earth every single day. (1tbl of PS and 2tbl of DE). Blood sugar numbers have been stable and I am confidant my pancreas is healing. If I have an blip and eat a high carb meal, a 1/4 dose of Glipizide will stimulate my pancreas to increase enough insulin to cover. This is about 1.75 mg. I was taking 10mg a day. I will tell you that it is a very, very rare occurrence when I slip, but it is nice to know that i have rested and healed my pancreas that much! Anyway, I am still eating LC/MP/HF every day. My last A1C was 5.8, which is 1/10 of a percentage point from the high range of normal. I feel the DE and the PS as well as the WOE have greatly contributed to this accomplishment. I fully expect the next test to be lower. The wife and I bought  new motorcycle and we have been going everywhere. I have found that I can ride for hours with my BP coffee and small pieces of beef jerky. I hold them in my mouth and let them slowly soften, then finish eating them. The other day we road a particularly long ride of over 500 miles in 2 days. Not being seasoned riders, we were very sore and tired the next day. That morning I was more tired than usually so instead of a single batch of PS&DE solution, I did two almost back to back. Several hours later I not only felt much better with more energy, when checking my blood sugar it was in the low 90’s. This was without exercise at all.

I also want to report that the minor gas issues have stopped several months ago as my intestinal track got used to this super food. Today I took solution 4 times and had hardly any gas at all. My energy was great and my blood sugar numbers were very good.

Where I am going from here, I am going to do the solution first part of the day as I fast into the afternoon, then go to raw Apple Cider Vinegar when I begin to eat. We’ll try this for a week or so and I’ll report back. Thanks for reading!!

8/15/14 – Sorry it has taken so long to make a new entry. The apple cider vinegar worked for a while, but was not giving predictable results. I have since upped my daily intake of my solution of 1 tbl of potato starch, 2 tbl of diatomaceous earth, and 1 tsp of psyllium husk fiber. I am taking this 4-5 times a day in 8 oz. of water. Last night, after not eating all day, the wife and I went to Cracker Barrel. I ate a full order of biscuits and gravy (3 biscuits and 2 cups of gravy), a hashbrown casserole, and 3 buttermilk pancakes with 2 bottles of real syrup. That would have put me easily into the 300’s before and probably close to the 200’s for fasting the next day. And yet, I am at 102 this morning. I slept well, had no night sweats, drank 24 oz of water through the night. The only way I can explain it is that the solution is working in my intestines and allowing this to happen. I do not think that I could eat that of carbs at one sitting consistently, but I may be on to something. I have been taking a solution in the morning for the last 6 months or so. The carbs I consumed at that one sitting was: 3 biscuits = 93g, 2 bowls of gravy = 36g, hashbrown casserole = 17g, 3 pancakes = 103g, and 2 bottles of syrup = 106g. That is a total of 355g of carbs. I wish I had checked my numbers at the 1 and 2 hour interval, but I didn’t. I figured I would be in the 140-180 range. I will continue with the increased solution without the heavy carb meal for a while longer. I have an A1C scheduled for next week, so we’ll see what that is. DO NOT TRY THIS STUFF WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS APPROVAL.

11/21/14 – Haven’t written for a while. My A1C had went up some to 6.3, which did not make me very happy. I am planning in the next 40 days restricting my caloric intake, doubling up or even tripling up on my daily solution intake and at the end of that time we will see how I do. The fault is my own as I have been eating foods that I shouldn’t be eating. Time will tell!

11/26/14 – I have a few minutes to write a little. I have found an easier way to transport and use the solution. I now measure out the portions in a little plastic bag that can be sealed. With one shaker bottle I just add water each time to the solution and take it. No fuss or measuring. I can do a bunch of them at one time, then save the little baggies for re-use. I continue to feel better, eating less than 1,000 calories until supper, then eating a decent meal then. I rarely am starving. I think it has to do with the potato starch creating food for my intestines. My blood sugars have been slowly lowering and as I drop more weight off my middle I believe that will get better and better. I have about 30 days on this seasonal job left and I will continue to do what is working. I am very encouraged.


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  1. Paul.H.Graville
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 10:40:54

    Very Very interesting read doc I was also very interested in the beans idea as well.


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  3. Bee Rvr
    Oct 27, 2015 @ 16:56:44

    Second time to read this. I am wanting to do the potatoe starch but the texture throws me off and lack of flavor.. Picky princess here. 🙂


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