Bulletproof Coffee (BP Coffee)

Nowadays, BP Coffee or bulletproof coffee is the newest buzz word around the diabetic community. And a good thing, too. Those of us, myself included, that try to maintain a low carb/moderate protein/high fat way of eating (LC/MP/HF WOE) find it very hard to get the volume we need from fat. BP Coffee allows us to drink our fat. And, believe it or not, if prepared correctly, it is delicious. As an added bonus, many diabetics present lower numbers almost immediately from drinking it.

The back story, and there always is one, is that mountain climber got lost, wandered almost frozen with no food into a monastary in Tiebet and was given hot buttered yak tea. for the full story, here is the link:


I don’t use fancy ingredients in mine. I buy my coconut oil from Walmart. LuAnna brand. It is tasteless, which I prefer. It is also affordable. I have seen containers in health food stores 1/2 the size for three times as much. And just didn’t work with the coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I buy 8 o’clock whole bean french roast that I grind daily. I found out that as soon as coffee is ground it starts to oxidize.


And oxidation causes free radicals and that can cause cancer.


I filter my tap water to remove as much of the garbage as I can with a gravity unit called a Katadyn filter system.


My butter I buy in 1lb. blocks from Sam’s Club. You need to buy unsalted. Not only is it lower in sodium, it is cheaper, and it will make the coffee taste much better. In a pinch, I’ll buy Walmart.

The last ingredient I use is Heavy Whipping Cream. This stuff is expensive where ever you go. The cheapest I have found is Sam’s Club.

After brewing my coffee, I then measure out enough coffee for my cup, allowing for the coconut, butter, and HWC. I use a 8 cup pyrex mixing/measuring cup. I add all the ingredients together and then microwave for 90-120 seconds to really get it hot. (caution, it can boil if too hot). I immediately take it to the hand blender with the metal smoothy attachment on it. (West Bend makes a good, cheap model)

The key to mixing at this point is the froth. You need 2 times higher froth than the coffee level. This completely breaks down the fat into the coffee and makes the delicious blend that we call BP Coffee. I put my coffee in a spill proof cup that stays hot at least 4 hours. As I am drinking an occasional shake helps to keep things mixed up. Enjoy!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monica landsberg
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 00:35:27

    Sounds great how much butter and cocconut roughly do you use


    • diabetictreatmentalternatives
      Feb 21, 2014 @ 10:16:43

      For a 16oz cup of coffee, I use 2 tablespoons each of butter and coconut oil. You might want to start out using much less, s some people have a hard time tolerating it until they get used to it. It may initially upset your stomach if you use too much. Thanks, for the question. I will add this explanation to the blog. I had forgotten that some people stomachs got a little upset with the fat until they got used to it!


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