My Fitness Pal Carb/Fat/Protein & Calorie adjustment Tutorial



From the main screen, click on goals.



At the next screen, click on Custom and then Continue



This screen shows how many grams of Carbs, Fats, and Protein based upon the number of net Calories consumed daily. This is just below Nutritional goals on the upper right.



The three red arrows show where you can customize your carb, fat, protein ratio. The only rule is that they must equal 100% for the program to accept them. When done with those three areas, click on change goals and it will show you screen number three with the new modifications. Note: There are many other things that can be done from this screen and will be added as time allows. The easiest thing is to plug in your information and let the program initially calculate your calories and percentages, then modify your Carb/Fat/Protein ratio. You can then modify the other factors as needed.


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