Pecan Fat Medallions


Pecan fat medallions. Many of us are struggling with our numbers and I thought I would post these. They are very ultra low carb (less than 1/4 gram per and have excellent healthy fat (14 grams) and very low protein (1/5 gram). About 130 calories per medallion. Directions: Liquefy your coconut oil of your choice and use bakers’s pecans halves (unsalted). In a plastic 1 oz. candy mold, place one pecan in and measure out 1 oz of coconut oil in each mold. Freeze and then keep refrigerated.


(We put ours in a ziplock baggy) I pop them in my cheek and let them dissolve, then eat the pecan as a treat. Very easy to do portion control and this will aid in digestion with no blood sugar spike. NOTE: Different coconut oils will give a different flavor. I prefer Walmart’s LouAna due to cost and taste. Enjoy! Also, this is the perfect midnight snack to help reduce the dawn phenomenon.


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