Medicines that will burn out your pancreas (Sulfonylureas)


There is a growing trend I am seeing that is extremely disturbing. We are finding many doctors not adequately explaining or giving no explanations of the dangers of some of the medicines they are proscribing.

Someone had the bright idea some time ago to use a drug to “stimulate” the pancreas into making extra insulin. Not let put this into an example that will be easier to understand.

Let’s say you have a little car with a small engine and you try to race someone with a much larger car and engine. To even have a chance of beating them you are going to have to run your engine much harder than is safe. As the RPM’s climb in your little engine it has a greater chance of having any type of failure due to the heavy-handed use of it. Even the drag racer knows this concept and many of them will rebuild their engines after each run to make sure they don’t fail.

Now, applying that to your pancreas and beta cells. (the beta cells are the cells that produce insulin) We do not yet have the technology to rebuild our pancreas. Or replace the lost beta cells. Yet.

Eventually, we should be able to duplicate the live beta cells (clone) and install them back in our pancreas, thereby curing our diabetes. However, those of us that have burnt out our beta cells in our pancreas so there is nothing left by taking these medicines will be unable to have this beta cell transplant.

So you have to ask yourself, do you want to save some of your beta cells so that you can benefit from the future technology? Or take this medicine so much that you become insulin dependant for the rest of your life?

One thing I have not mentioned yet is how these drugs work. They stimulate the vagus nerve that leads to the pancreas. Another problem that has occurred is that this same vagus nerve stimulates the heart. In some cases there have been heart issues from this “overclocking”.

Here are several links that will explain more and list the names of the medicines. YOU are YOUR best advocate for YOUR health. Inquire to your MD about the long term ramifications of the meds you are on.


Dangers of Sulfonylureas for Diabetes

Heart Attack from Sulfonylureas

Januvia Virtually Identical to Glipizide

The Declining Role of Sulfonylureas as Add-on Therapy


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